GRUMMP Programs

GRUMMP includes executables for two- and three-dimensional mesh generation (tri and tetra), mesh improvement (meshopt2d and meshopt3d), mesh coarsening (coarsen2d and coarsen3d), and interpolation of scattered data (scat2d and scat3d) (see Section 2.5). The only major difference among the meshing executables is their starting data:

From this point, all these executables combine point insertion, point deletion, local mesh reconnection, and local smoothing algorithms to generate high-quality meshes. Not surprisingly, these executables share a number of command-line options. These common options are described in Section 2.1; additional options are described in Sections 2.2 and 2.3. All of these executables generate mesh quality files (see Section 3.7). In addition to the progress and status messages displayed on the screen, each executable also saves a more copious set of messages in a file (see Section 3.8).

Carl Ollivier-Gooch 2017-07-20