Three-dimensional ASCII stereolithography (STL) files

Currently, GRUMMP only supports the ASCII STL format. These files consist of a one line header and footer bookending a collection of facet blocks:

solid name

  facet normal $n_{x}$ $n_{y}$ $n_{z}$

    outer loop 

      vertex $v1_{x}$ $v1_{y}$ $v1_{z}$

      vertex $v2_{x}$ $v2_{y}$ $v2_{z}$

      vertex $v3_{x}$ $v3_{y}$ $v3_{z}$



endsolid name

Words in boldface are keywords and must be lower case. Spacing is important: spaces between keywords must be as shown. Normal and coordinate components are interpreted as floating-point numbers.

Carl Ollivier-Gooch 2017-07-20