Three-dimensional surface mesh (.smesh) files

Surface mesh files may also be specified in the form of a surface triangulation. This is particularly convenient when the surface mesh is created by some other piece of software.3.1 File format for surface triangulation input can be summarized using a pseudo-template file (see Section 3.2), where nsurfs is the number of disconnected closed surfaces.

face-based ncells nfaces nsurfs nverts

verts: coords

faces: cells verts bc

Note that this format is hard-coded, and not a true template. Also, multi-domain geometries can not be input using .smesh files, because the file format is not expressive enough to allow non-manifold surface meshes. Geometry input will be rewritten at some point in the future to allow easier extensibility to new geometry types; when this happens, support for the .smesh file format may vanish, so new input files should use the .bdry format.

Carl Ollivier-Gooch 2017-07-20