t2d and t3d

The programs t2d and t3d2.3 translate two-dimensional (respectively, three-dimensional) mesh files from one format to another. To use these programs, enter the GRUMMP/src/IO_generator directory. Edit the files t[23]d_in.template and t[23]d_out.template; see Section 3.2 for information on the format of these files. Then type make t[23]d.2.4 The resulting executable will read a mesh in the format specified in t[23]d_in.template and write it in the format specified in t[23]d_out.template. The only argument to t[23]d is -i basefilename, which has the same meaning as for the other executables. Again, output files have .out appended to their names to avoid filename collisions.

Carl Ollivier-Gooch 2017-07-20