Computational Methods in Transport Phenomena I

Mech 510

Instructor: Carl Ollivier-Gooch

My research interests are in algorithms for flow solution on unstructured meshes, algorithms for unstructured mesh generation, and aerodynamic shape optimization. I’m happy to discuss any of these topics (or just about anything else related to CFD or fluids in general) at length.
Office: CEME 2064.
Phone: 822-1854.

Class meetings: MWF 2-3, CEME Annex 102


25% Three homework assignments.
35% Three programming assignments.
40% Final project (due during the final exam period).


This is a computational fluid dynamics course, so there is a significant programming component to the course. You should be comfortable with some compiled language (C, Fortran, Pascal, etc).  No, Matlab is not an acceptable substitute.

Topics Covered