Current People

  • Dr. Carl Ollivier-Gooch
  • Gary Yan (PhD student) [ B.A.Sc (University of Toronto - Engineering Science: Aerospace, 2012) ] Higher-Order Discretization Error Estimation for Unstructured Mesh Finite Volume Methods.
  • Reza Zangeneh (PhD student) [ M.A.Sc. (University of British Columbia - Mechanical Engineering, 2014), B.Sc. (University of Tehran - Mechanical Engineering, 2012) ] Stability and convergence enhancements for finite-volume methods in aerodynamics.
  • Shahzaib Malik (MASc Student) Mesh adaptation for wakes and shocks via surface insertion.


  • Dr. Tyrone Phillips (Post-doctoral researcher, 2014-2016) [ Ph.D. (Virginia Tech, 2014), M.S. (Virginia Tech, 2012), B.S. (University of Tennessee, 2008) ] Residual-based Discretization Error Estimation for Computational Fluid Dynamics.

  • Dr. Daniel W. Zaide, (Post-doctoral researcher, 2012-2014) [B.A.Sc (University of Toronto, Engineering Science - Aerospace Option), M.S.E. (University of Michigan - Aerospace Engineering), M.S. (University of Michigan - Applied Mathematics), Ph.D. (University of Michigan - Aerospace Engineering and Scientific Computing)] Surface Reconstruction in Unstructured meshes for the simulation of the manufacturing of semiconductor devices.
  • Sumit Paranjape (PhD student) Parallel mesh generation and refinement.

  • P. Jawahar (Post-doctoral researcher, 2000-01) Generation of surface meshes in GRUMMP; limiters for advective problems.
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